Dos & Don’ts when treating Multi-Ethnic Skin within the Medical Aesthetics and beauty industry. InSPAration Management Founder Dori Soukup interviews beauty Expert Aliesh Pierce as they discuss this specialized trend in Medical Aesthetics.

Some of the Content in this episode of Meet The Experts:

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Treating Multi-Ethic Skin
  • The Dynamics and Protocols Professionals Need To Take When Treating Multi-Ethnic Skin
  • Treatment or Products Multi-Ethnic Skin
  • Consumers Should Avoid And Why Products That Are Best For Multi-Ethnic Skin
  • Sun Protection And Why Everyone Should Protect Themselves No Matter Their Skin
  • Customized Skin Care Product Line For Multi-Ethnic Skin
  • The Importance of a Proper Consultation Development of a Customized Treatment Plan
  • Why Multi-Ethnic Skin Ages Better Than Caucasian Skin
  • Proper Skin Preparation
  • Celebrity Make-up Artist
  • Complications & Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Ask Aliesh Courses & Products
Dori Soukup

Dori Soukup

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